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To teach, train, and empower clients to have the ability to assess their own bodies; take control of their alignment, stability, agility and strength. Through practical application methods using fit balls we impart the knowledge of the body’s anatomical chain and the function of the CORE as it relates to movement "under load". The goal of all of our programs is to give each person the ability to identify misalignment. Thereby, correcting posture by addressing dysfunctional movement patterns in their bodies, accessing the proper alignment for correction and re-stabilization.


Anyone who has struggled to correct and rehabilitate from an injury; whether incurred from sports, traffic accidents, natural issues such as birthing or from physical traumas like falls. These clients have had little success with more conventional fitness specialists and health practitioners in  helping  to alleviate the discomfort, pain, and bio-mechanical issues  they are experiencing.By assessing you honestly, I will determine if my programs will be effective for your individual needs.


Beginning with our Discovery Mobility Assessment we teach you to understand your body mechanics and why they are failing you.

Then how to correctly align proper movement with the support of low impact stretching and strengthening using fit balls to re-engage balance.

Would you like to know if Radical Core Rehab may help you?

We'd like to offer you a complimentary 20-minute consult to get your questions answered. 

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