Pilates Fundamental Mat Work – Hong Kong

Evert Eberg Strength Training – Sydney, Australia

NASM Personal Training – Denver, Colorado

Chek Institute Training and Rehabilitation – Denver, Colorado

Chek Institute Program Design – Melbourne, Australia

  • Swiss Ball Training

  • Anatomical Rotation Course

  • Core Design Course

Twist Conditioning – Integrated Balance Training – Vancouver, BC

CALA Group Aqua fitness leader – Vancouver, BC

NLS Life Guard Certification – Nanaimo, BC

Red Cross Water Safety Instructor – Vancouver, BC

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I am Adra Fleet. I am a trainer, a teacher, and a student.  I am committed to health and wellness.  

My passion for  solving my  own health issues put me on a path that led me to create Radical Core Rehab.

For years I struggled with a serious sacro-iliac issue. It began to challenge the quality of my life. After a series of unsuccessful attempts with  physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists and fitness specialists, I finally  took it upon myself to address the  problem.

Pursuing many fitness certifications and training around the world, I followed a path of learning for a decade. I developed a comprehensive knowledge of bio-mechanics and I directly apply it to help my current clients  whose issues of pain, discomfort and lack of mobility have begun to affect their own lives. 

Searching for the answer as to why my body was in distress I began  to study Pilates. I devoted myself to learning more about the bio-mechanics of the body including neurology, anatomy and physiology. Which laid the foundation for the creation of my Radical Core Rehab methodology.

"Adra has helped me with chronic back pain I suffered with for quite sometime. I have done so many different types of treatments. She helped to strength my core and release the muscle tension that was caused by poor poster.  I have and will recommend her to those that suffer structural pain and need the expertise of this knowledgeable woman."

Brenda B. - Langley, BC

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