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At the beginning. Every BODY that walks into the studio brings with it a health and injury history just as diverse as the people who come to work with us. So, its important to understand where they came from in order to learn the tools to get them where they want to go. Our goal is to help you get back into movement in a way that supports your individual body's muscles and mechanic matrix too.

Our programs have been developed from years of trial and experiences understanding how the body mechanics and posture can work against desired flexibility and mobility. Rehab without proper mechanic stretching and strengthening has provided poor results long term and often with a hefty price tag to our clients. Feeling as if we are the last option Radical Core Rehab provides our clients with a whole new empowered and doable state of being through the power of Body Core knowledge. Allow us to help you reclaim your mobility again.

Discovery Mobility Assessment - Initial Intake
Through a series of specific movements this 1.5 hour proper assessment of your current state of mobility will be determined by addressing all ranges of motion in all of your joints ans a strength assessment using proper lifting and squatting techniques under load to determine the engagement ability of your core.
A complete assessment of pain points, stability, strength, posture, (sitting and standing), rotational joint movements, your gait (the way you walk), and your bodies stress level of any injuries, traumas, over-use will be reviewed. 

Using a Swiss Ball and mirrors to show you through a series of righting response movements and breathing techniques Adra will determine your level of core engagement.   

Once complete Adra will explain where you are experiencing weakness within your body and most importantly, why.  

A recommended course of action will be given along with any specific resources to support the best results possible.

1.5 hour DMA - Initial Intake -  $150


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Core Mechanix Foundation Program
Specifically designed to address the issues of failing core mechanics this foundation program is 10 - In-Studio Private Sessions with Adra. This private session series lasts 60-minutes with intensive focus on addressing the current stability and weakness issues determined in the Discovery Mobility Assessment.

A select series of stretching, strengthening, and weight loading to encourage muscle re-patterning builds upon the basic blocks of muscles support and core engagement.

Using the Swiss ball and mirrors you will address dysfunctional movement patterns, shallow breathing, and misaligned posture. 
In each session Adra will introduce a series of stretching techniques to address your muscle tension impacting all of these things in order to correct your body's alignment and relieve pain.


Your balance will be challenged and enhanced by using unstable surfaces by building on functional movement restoration. Your core will be activated and strengthened.

Receive specific low impact, core exercises handouts with learning to correctly duplicate them in the studio and at home for homework to provided maximum benefits. 
10 private sessions / 60-minute in length - $950 *  
* Payment plans available 
Advanced Fit Ball Courses
Private Sessions - Accelerated Series

Exclusively for the continued advancement of the Core Mechanix Foundation Program these additional 10 sessions impress upon further strengthening and load bearing to build lean, strong muscles and core.

Completion of the Core Mechanix Foundation Program is required to advance into these additional private training sessions. 

10 private sessions / 60-minutes in length - $650 *

* Payment plans available 

Advanced Core Fit Ball Group Class

Enjoy the energy of a core fit ball group to build upon further strengthening and load bearing of strong muscles and core. This class is designed to continue supporting the clients of Radical Core Rehab who wish to further their fitness level in a more economical class setting. Size is limited to 6 participants.

Completion of the Core Mechanix Foundation Program is required before entering a group class.

10 sessions / 60-minutes in length - $175 


Next set of class times to be announced. 

"3 years ago I did the Core Rehab Program with Adra and what a dramatic improvement it's made for me following a whip-lash accident that left me in chronic pain.  At the time I'd spent 17 years in physio, massage and working with personal trainers (not to mention thousands of dollars spent) and was still struggling to get through every day.  My pain level and muscle tension have decreased dramatically while energy levels are greater than they have been for years.  Each morning I spend 15 minutes working out using Adra’s teaching and it's made a world of difference."

Tia M. - Langley, BC

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