How does hiring Adra Fleet to work with me differ from using other professional fitness specialist assist-ing with rehab and strengthening? 

Radical Core Rehab was founded by Fitness Specialist, Adra Fleet. Her in-depth understanding of all issues related to the body’s core mechanics provides a rich expertise that only a well-studied fitness professional can offer. Due to years of working at healing her own body’s bio-mechanical issues she has learned specific principles of functionality that must be addressed initially to resolve pain and weakness. Her uncanny ability to decipher and discern exactly where a person may be weak in their physical strength and struggling with their mobility is something that few books, programs, and trainers focus on. She has been leading training sessions in Singapore and Canada for over ten years teaching a blend of fit ball and Pilates movement in correcting alignment issues in people due to injuries, traumas, daily over-use, and birthing experiences.

Aren’t the issues of rehab better handled by health care professionals such as massage therapist, physiotherapists or chiropractors?
Are the session fees charged covered by provincial or extended medical benefits?
I don't have any serious fitness or mobility challenges will your program still be beneficial to me?
What kind of results would I get using the Radical Core Rehab program?

Not necessarily. While these specialty, trained health and fitness practitioners may provide help, Adra’s clients have found the depth of which she works adjuncts the typical sessions they have experienced with some of these professions. Her keen interest in solving her own mobility issue made her realize how the mechanics of healing injuries and weakness in the body were not being fully addressed by these professions. Adra’s numerous clients impress upon how her knowledgeable understanding of muscle insertion points and mobility mechanics has given them a totally empowered approach to understanding their own body’s function. Learning how to support their body with properly aligned approaches to stretching and strengthening movements has been a total revolution to their typical fitness approach to exercise and wellness. As Adra states, “You can not exercise out weakness in the body without understanding the issue of why the weakness exists in the first place.”

No. Unfortunately, while Radical Core Rehab does specialize in restorative health practices it's services are not recognized under BC Medical Services. As well, while Adra does holds numerous certifications in fitness these are often not recognized under extended insurance either. However, its best to consult with your private or extended insurance provider directly to gain clarity as to their remuneration policies.

Absolutely. The mechanics of mobility should not only be addressed because of injuries and trauma. Many people find that with age, repetitive use or changes in lifestyle their core mechanics and postural alignment can fluctuate. Learning how to properly address and correct postural alignment will only benefit your body with this low impact, precise stretching and strengthening approach to fitness. If your goal is to stay active long into your years, then understanding the kinds of movements that will continue to give you greater flexibility and stability are vital in doing so. Adra would love to share with you how this works.

Our primary focus when working with individuals is to re-engage their ability to connect and empower their core mechanics through low impact, precise movements using the support of fit balls. Knowledge and awareness of each individual’s needs determines the exact alignment series we will demonstrate and give for the best outcome results. We are committed to enhancing the long lost art of alignment, connection, and empowerment within the muscle matrix. We feel that without these three key ingredients people often experience poor rehab results and or get stale in their fitness levels. This is a collaborative experience that require as much directed teaching from Adra as it requires an individual’s self discipline to continue to do our Core Mechanix Program homework once they have leveraged their initial results.

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"Within weeks (of working with Adra), I had people commenting on my improved posture. I could tell a difference in my alignment, my strength, and my overall body wellness within one month’s time.
In working with Adra I achieved physical wellness! Adra is a very motivated trainer. You will not regret the time or money you spend with her."

Emily A. – Singapore 

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