It is my pleasure to write a referral letter for Adra Fleet.

I had the privilege of getting to know Adra as my personal trainer. I heard Adra speak at the American Social Club in Singapore about the design of the human body and the importance of proper posture. Her knowledge of anatomy, core activation and proper posture was impressive.

Adra taught me how to sit on the fit ball and as a valuable tool for stretching , strengthening and core activation awareness. She was able to point our dysfunction in our movements, and gave us ways to correct them.

Within 3 weeks  I had people commenting on my posture.

In working with Adra. I have achieved physical wellness! Adra is a vey motivating trainer. You will not regret the time or money you spend with her.


Emily Anderson.

I had the pleasure of working with Adra. She was my trainer from 3 years in Singapore. During this period Adra trained me on the fill ball using Pilates methodology: both improving my fitness level and posture. 

Without exaggerating, Adra improved my posture and body composition so that I received a number of compliments from friends.

I have never met any fitness instructor with Adra’s knowledge and professionalism. I was sad when Adra informed me that she was moving back to Canada.

I believe that anyone fortunate enough to train with her will also feel blessed.


Dorinda Shorney,

I began training with Adra to improve my cardio vascular conditioning and strength. She trained me weekly for 3 years using  the Swiss ball and  other balance training aides. Her knowledge of the human body and kinetics is amazing. Adra designed specific exercises based on my  needs.  All of which had a rapid and dramatic effect in improving my strength and  balance. My body fat reduced and my endurance improved.

My joints were restored to full ranges of motion. I worked with Adra more extensively after I became pregnant with my third child. She helped me maintain my ideal body weight and fitness levels during my pregnancy and was particularly skilled at leading me through the recovery period following delivery.

I have worked  with many personal  trainers while living in Europe, Asia and the US. I can honestly say that Adra was the best. She is extremely knowledgeable and very professional  I recommend her without reservation.


Mrs Simone Bye

To whom it may concern:

I, Pattie Morrison, and my friend Evy have thoroughly enjoyed working with Adra Fleet. Her Discovery session and Core Biomechanics course. We hired Adra for one day a week for a total of 11 sessions. Adra drove to my condo in North Vancouver where we have a gym. Both Evy and I have some physiological limitations due to issues in our spines. Adra was able to accommodate us in every session. Modifying movements when necessary and giving options to fit our needs.

Each session she built on the information that she had given us the week before. She also gave us examples of how to practically apply what we were learning. Also  weekly homework. We consistently progressed in balance, movement ranges, righting response, and understanding how to assess our own movement patterns. Adra stressed the importance of our bodies movement in relationship to core activation.

She explained in and easy way why core strength is the foundation of the bodies alignment and why we need to carry our bodies in an intentional way. She brought her equipment and her anatomy colouring book to each session so we could visually comprehend what our bodies were doing internally. That was a great visual learning tool.

We have since continued to practice what Adra taught us, and have incorporated these new concepts into our daily lives. I have also recommended Adra’s program to many of my friends. Adra enthusiastically shares whet she has learned through her training and personal experience.
She is very knowledgeable about all things “kinetic”.


I would highly recommend Adra’s program to anyone who wants to reduce and even eliminate psychical challenges by realigning their bodies “kinetic chain”.

Patti Morrison

I experienced the 11 sessions with Adra. She helped me understand my body more, and to realize the possibilities of movement and the importance of keeping up a stretching and training program.

She relieved my body of stress and tension. But the most significant result I have experienced is the restored flexibility I felt at the half way mark . And it just kept increasing. The impact on my health was very important as I it is going to enable me to continue to be active much longer than I might have. 

I was travelling between my 11 sessions and I tried to continue to stretch but did not have all any equipment with me, especially my ball. I have noticed a huge difference in my flexibility and was anxious to get back to my ball and finish my 10 sessions with Adra and beyond.

I would highly recommend Adra's individualized program! Adra is extremely knowledgeable and is able to impart her knowledge in a non-threatening, easy to understand way! Her passion for MY health and well-being was a wonderful gift to receive!


Kathy R.

Adra quite simply changed my life.

Following an unsuccessful administration of an epidural during the delivery of my third child in 2000, (the needle lacerated the dura sac of my spinal column) I developed symptoms and complications that were not present before the birth of my daughter.

I began a 16 month journey of going to chiropractors an osteopath and a neurologist. And also a physiotherapist…all off whom provided very little information or improvement to my health. they were all very expensive. I was prescribed a series of pain killers but no solutions. I suffered from dizziness’ and constant pain.

Finally, through a friend I was referred to Adra. From the very first session, and through her initial assessment, Adra knew and understood immediately and instinctively what the issue was and what needed to be done to heal my back and my body.

Starting at step 1 she designed a program that was right for my needs. At first  progress was very slow. I was fatigued both physically and emotionally. I was amazed with her incredible patience. I saw Adra 2 times per week for 6 weeks.  She was encouraging in every session we had together.

Her knowledge of the human body and anatomy: the nerves, muscles and bones and the intricate relationship between them all was incredible. I have never met anyone else who has such an understanding of bio mechanics any where else in my journey to recovery.

I noticed an improvement almost immediately. I felt like Adra really cared about my bodies recovery.  Working with Adra  has  transformed my alignment and posture. I no longer experience dizziness. Now I know what to do and why I must continue to keep those pelvic floor muscles strong.

It is no exaggeration to say that my life has changed. I am so grateful for her. I have recommended Adra to friends and I would not hesitate to recommend Adra to anyone with injuries or any one seeking better health.

Mrs. Clare Jane

I am writing this letter on behalf of Adra Fleet and her Core Rehab Program. Adra was highly recommended to me by my own mother. My mom, who had experienced serious back and neck injury due to seven whiplashes found Adra’s program to be an essential step in her own healing journey from back pain.


I, as a pregnant mother of two had also been experiencing back and neck pain on and off; and was wanting relief from my own pain. Not only that, but I was also wanting to have a more smoother; more successful labour, birth, and postpartum transition as my first two labours were both met with unexpected and even somewhat traumatizing complications.


Adra came to my home, was very knowledgable, and broke things down really well for me so that I could understand them. She also was very friendly and compassionate and took some time to talk- me through some personal struggles I was having. I could tell that she really cared about me as a person, rather than just seeing me as a dollar sign. I also found her services to be very reasonably priced.


As I did the exercises, I noticed a huge difference in my body and the way I felt. I noticed that my muscles and joints began to become less tense and stiff and with that, my flexibility increased greatly. I was also experiencing less back pain, and was starting to become more connected to my body and my breathing. One of the main ways that Core Rehab helped me is that it helped me have a new- found conscientiousness and an awareness of my own body.


My daughter’s birth ended up being completely natural, not to mention amazingly immaculate! My daughter came out smoothly, (with very little to no pushing on my part) the deepest pain I had was a bit of back labour but there was absolutely no tearing! I give much credit to Adra and her Core Rehab Program for my successful birth story! Adra empowered me by teaching me how to strengthen my core and bring my body into realignment. I would strongly recommend her program to anyone!

Chelsea Duarte

With the assistance of Adra, I was able to relieve a curve in my back that I thought was permanent. It turned out to be due to severe muscle tightness and weakness. Adra's approach is thorough from head to toe. She ensures clients only do what they are capable of and teaches them how to progress and maintain long term gains on their own. 

Aaron Sulley

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