Alignment is More than Just Good Posture

Maintaining whole body alignment through out your life is the answer to staying strong and injury free!

Mis-alignment affects all aspects of your bodies health.

Alignment or mis-alignment is directly associated to the bodies bio-mechanic function or dysfunction.

That means alignment the anatomical chain is critical to the way the body moves and bares weight.

It is also critical to the body responding to the brains righting Response, balance and gait (the way you walk).

If the body is aligned it will bear weight in a way that uses the right muscle groups with less risk of injury.

In other words, body alignment will keep you moving, sitting, standing, working, exercising, and being active for a long time.

Proper alignment is not just about your back. it is more about your muscles.

Most anatomical mis-alignment begins in the spine.

Proper body alignment creates an environment for all the systems in your body work as they were designed to:

The digestive, respiratory immune and nervous system (which is directly related to brain functioning vision and breathing).

In other words, everything functions better when the body is aligned.

Body alignment is important when exercising. Alignment prevents injury and balances how your muscle groups work together. When the body is in alignment, less energy is used for any movement and puts less stress on the joints.

When movements are done from a poor alignment position, there is greater wear and tear on joints and greater is the risk of injury.

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