Are You A Conscious Breather

Are You A Conscious Breather? Many health ailments can be alleviated simply by making a conscience effort to breath slowly and deeply. They include high blood pressure, migraines, stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, asthma and insomnia. The Benefits of Deep Breathing Breath is powerful. Becoming aware of the way we breathe can help us deal with a variety of common ailments immediately and effectively. Deep inhalations can provide pain relief stress reduction and better sleep. And may even increase better concentration. (Who couldn’t use that)? Relieve Pain In a recent study involving 14 patients suffering from fibromyalgia (a disease which pain is chronic), concluded that qigong, an exercise involving meditation and deep breathing, had a profoundly positive effect on managing the intervention group’s fibromyalgia symptoms. Including pain. Poor Breathing Habits are Widespread Take a moment right now to pay attention to the way you are breathing. The simple act of taking a breath is something that most of us don’t even notice we ‘re are doing. We take it for grated. In Canada we tend to live busy lives that take away the consciousness of our breathing. We inhale and exhale shallowly, and do so almost that entire length of the day. Some of us even breath this way when we sleep. How do you expect your brain to function the next day? Here are some Breathing Techniques: #1 practice at home sit cross legged in a dark, quiet room. Close your eyes. Using your right thumb to cover your left nostril breath deeply through your left nostril. Pause and count to 2. Then switch to the opposite nostril and repeat 10 times. #2 Peace and relaxation: Close your eyes. Inhale through your nose evenly and deeply for a count of 8. Pause and count to 3. Exhale completely through your nose for a count of 8. Pause and repeat 15 times #3 If you cannot sleep Keep your eyes closed lying on your bed face up. Deeply inhale through your nose and count for 6. Pause and count for 3, exhale completely through your nose for a count of 6. Pause for a count of 3. Repeat for 10 to 15 times. Deeper Relaxation Try focusing on and affirmation during your inhales and exhales. Visualizing the words “I” and your inhale and “can “ on your exhale can help you to clarify your thoughts and provide a clearer intent and concentration.

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