How does pregnancy effect the pelvic floor?

If you are wanting to get pregnant or you are already pregnant 1 thing is true: If you go into pregnancy with a weak pelvic floor chances are you will have a harder and longer labor, and a longer recovery. Why? ⦁ Strong pelvic muscles support the extra weight of the pregnancy ⦁ Those same muscles can shorten the second stage of labour when you are helping to push the baby through the cervical wall ⦁ Heal the area between the anus and the vagina (perineum) after birth by increasing the circulation of blood to the pelvic floor ⦁ Lesson the probability of constipation ⦁ Lessen the probability of incontinence during and after the delivery ⦁ Prevent tearing of the perineum

It is just as important to learn how to relax your perineum floor during delivery as it is to contract it during pregnancy. What muscles? These muscles. The muscles of the perineum are like a trampoline. Lift and drop: Or in other words contract and flex. Both are necessary for overall alignment and strength before during pregnancy and after. This group of muscles are an integral part of the bodies core stabilizing muscles.

May Your Core Be With You

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