The Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy

While working out during pregnancy isn't going to get you an 8 pack of abs but it is certainly worth while for you, your delivery , recovery and your baby.

It is also beneficial for stamina and endurance during late nights nursing baby.

incorporating a regular fitness routine Increases the intake of 02 (oxygen) during any anaerobic exercises.

Staying active during pregnancy will allow you to maintain muscle mass and strength and alignment while carrying that growing baby in your belly.

Exercise can release stress and tension in an expecting Mom.

Lower impact activities geared towards pregnant women and that focus on core strengthening are highly recommended. It is proven that strong lower abdominal and "core muscles" (Read my blog on what core muscles are ) can act as Mommies secret weapon during labor. A strong core means that mom will be able to push using the proper muscles to push effectively and prevent urinary incontinence postpartum. The end goal during labor id to be able to draw in the lower abdominal s and then intern relax the pelvic floorto allow the baby's safe passage through the cervic. essentially it will help you deliver the baby affrctively

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